tiistai 8. maaliskuuta 2011

Interns en route in Northern Finland

Day five (3.3./thu, Carola):
Arriving in Oulu was so nice yesterday. Our hostmom and -dad for the weekend were waiting for us at the platform and we had a very warmly welcome at the house, inclusive a warm dinner (despite of our very late arrival).

A Spanish teacher from Oulu had requested us to visit her school, so we tried to find that school in the morning. It turned out that the presentation would be in the afternoon, so Samia went there alone while I left for Kuhmo, five hours with the bus :-S. My arrival was interesting. What a small place… what do people do here?? But I got welcomed very friendly, got a sleeping place in an apartment from school and a teacher showed me the whole area in the evening. At least I can say, people here are very helpful and nice!

Day six (4.3./fri, Samia):
Winter sports day in Muhos!

Yes, after doing my presentation to a very participating German class, Katariina took me to see how the children would spend the rest of the day.

Playing with the snow, making ice sculptures, doing crosscountry ski, playing ice hockey... I could even go down form a hill with one students sleigh!

Well... after this day I will suggest the Mexicans schools to make a winter sports day !! Wait... I forgot about a small detail... yes, there is no snow to play with ! 

The evening with Family Söderlund was great! Skating on ice, going to sauna and going out with my hostsister!

Day seven (5.3./sat, Carola):
I have to revise my view on Kuhmo: between four presentations, a teacher showed me around in the car. I got a private visit in the (beautiful and impressing) concert hall and she took me to Kalevalan kylä, I saw reindeer and the library. Students also told me about bear watching and lots of winter sport activities you can do in Kuhmo. The place is not that boring after all! In the evening, I travelled back to Oulu then, yesterday.

Today, we slept long and after that: Ice hockey! Kärpät from Oulu against some other team from somewhere –it was fighty and it was great! Also the little children from my host brother were adorable.

Finnish kids are so used to snow…

Day eight (6.3./sun, Samia):
Today we had to say goodbye to Söderlund Family, who took us to the railway station after having our last meal together.

We traveled by train to Seinajöki where Carola had to change her train to go to Vähänkyrö.

I waited for Mikko, our hostfather in Seinajöki who took me home to have dinner together with his son Juha who is doing the military service. I always see many guys everywhere wearing this uniform, and I always wanted a picture from them (or with them) ... but well since Juha was wearing the uniform, I finally took a picture without feeling awkward haha !

We´ve finished the evening skating on ice!

Day nine (7.3./mon, Carola):
Onko tukka hyvin? :-D

My 2-year old host brother in Vähänkyrö (Vaasa) was gorgeous! He wanted to make a good impression on me, I suppose, so he asked his mother twice, if his hair was okay before he came to my room. Even if it was just for one night, I enjoyed staying here very much.

During the day, I was visiting a school in Närpiö. It was a Swedish-speaking school in a Swedish-speaking surrounding and it was extremely interesting to get an impression of lifestyle and attitudes here! Students in the eastern parts of Finland sometimes talk about Pakkoruotsi – and students in the western part here find Finnish a really difficult language… Yeah, maybe it is. During this visit I also found out about the opportunity of inner-Finnish school exchange: students from Swedish-speaking communities exchange to Finnish-speaking ones and vice versa. Very interesting idea, if you ask me!

After some food in Vaasa, I then went to accompany Samia in Nurmo (Seinäjoki).

Samia on Meksikosta ja Carola Saksasta - he kiertävät suomalaisia kouluja YFU:n interneinä maaliskuun ajan. Neitokaisten tunnelmia Suomesta ja suomalaisista päivitetään tänne viikoittain!

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